With our YES Methodology we are able to find and  select your visualized yacht

Search Assignment / Consultancy     

What is the purpose of buying a Superyacht?
As Walter Urs Schmid so perfectly describes in his book Superyacht Sales:
“The purpose is something that is grounded deeper inside the customer’s mind than the reason why. Why someone loves to have a Superyacht and wants to be at sea, spending millions on a product that doesn’t support their business or generate revenue?

What is the customer’s dream he wants to fulfil or wishes giving a certain feeling as abundant and  free as a bird, spending quality time in their own bubble with family or friends? What kind of lifestyle is the client really looking for”? 

Selecting the right Superyacht is not a matter of a few clicks and entering some search criteria. Getting to know the prospect Buyer is much more important as a deep understanding of their needs and specifics of requirements, knowing exactly what his (her) interests are. 

We are the Nr. 1 Consultant, 100% independent, presenting all Superyachts.

For the new construction of your desired superyacht, please visit the following page Dutch Superyards.

Superyachts Europe is independent and mediates in all pre-owned Superyachts of almost all major yacht brokers in Europe and beyond.

Our goal is Superyacht Search, Select & Purchase. Our mission is to select the right Superyacht and personally guide the customer through the 8 stages of selecting and purchasing its visualized Super-yacht.

There are worldwide over 5.000 Super-yachts for sale (Yachts above 24 meters); Classic and Modern yachts, Dutch, German, Italian, American, etc. Structures in Steel, Aluminum, GRP,  and Composite.  

Evaluating yachts in terms of its suitability for a specific goal, commercial environment, sustainability or just for private leisure, requires extensive yachting experience and a profound understanding of the client, his needs and the particularities of requirements.

No Limit by making your right choice to get the right Superyacht.

We distinguish different type of Sail Yachts and Motor Yachts, also related to fuel consumption, speed and range:  Fast, Fast Cruiser, Cruiser,  Classic or Modern. Differences in models, length, layout, colors, exterior- and interior design, etc.

We receive daily updates from reputable brokers in Europe and beyond with often special offers, which we add to our Data Base, allowing us to offer many thousands of yachts not shown on our website. 

Customers no longer need to visit multiple yacht brokers in different countries for orientation. This is time consuming, expensive and tiring.

 “Can't see no longer the sea for the many yachts for sale”.

A request of your wishes and requirements leads to a Search Intelligence  that results in a shortlist of available  yachts.  

Yacht Europe System  "Y E S" Methodology

Superyachts Europe uses a Project Management tool to guide you through the 8 different phases and sub-phases of the Definition, Search, Select, Purchase, Delivery, etc. of your yacht.

This professional approach produces good qualitative results that can certainly save  hundreds of thousands of Euro’s.

This  System Methodology consists of 8 phases. A new phase does not begin until the previous one is completed and contains related activities to be performed, decisions to be made and checklists.  See for these phases next page.

Based on  client’s profound wishes and requirements we create search criteria and enter the Research trajectory with our  databases. An important aspect is the quality / price ratio with regard to builder, model, year, machinery, equipment, maintenance, refits, length, tonnage, layout, number of staterooms, etc.

Note that the bigger your yacht is, the harder it is to find a bay or marina to stay in. And also it takes a very different yacht to enjoy Mediterranean bay hopping than crossing oceans. There are many aspects to consider, which are handled in our Y E S Methodology.

And of course, before you make a significant investment, you want to make sure that you are buying the right ship; in excellent condition, a good quality Superyacht, for a correct price, without claims, at good conditions, with the correct documents, which also has a favorable depreciation, in short; a hassle-free purchase.

We then study the Top-10 list very carefully together with the client. Discussions with the selling brokers of details per yacht, including review of extensive documentation, are taking place. Analyzes are made and discussed in detail with the customer. Ultimately, this Intelligent Research provides three serious purchase options.

After you have made your choice we then guide you as a Personal Coach and Business Negotiator, including price negotiations, through the following phases; Preliminary Purchase phase, Contract phase, Survey phase, Delivery phase and In-Operation phase.

All of these activities are covered by the Search Assignment.

This professional working method leads to the desired result of purchasing your "visualized dream yacht” and could save the client hundreds of thousands of Euro's of the purchase price.

We make sure that you get a yacht that meets your needs, that it is technically in order and that you pay the best price.

A major advantage of our services is that (if desired) we guarantee 100% non-disclosure of the identity of the client.

Joy, Fun, your best Time in Life.

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