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Superyachts Europe is an independent "Boutique Superyacht Consultancy", with the highest level of quality services, standing up for the buyer’s interests. We advise  and guide clients in the definition, search, selection,  purchase and delivery of a pre-owned or a new build Superyacht, mainly in the range of 25 to 100 meters.

WHY getting advice from Superyachts Europe
as Buyers Broker advisors?

A local Broker's main objective is to sell
what he has in stock.

The main goal of a Buyers Broker is to deliver
what you want
by searching all Brokers and Yards worldwide.

Before buying a yacht it first requires the search for this yacht. But the very first step at all is to have analyzed your selection criteria and narrowing the specification as this saves not only time but also prevents a false selection.

In-dept analyses of what you really want and what you want to do with the yacht, your wishes, needs, and specific requirements, is a must in order to define the yacht exactly the way it has to be. Once the yacht is properly defined then we can search for the right yacht with the most secure feeling that it will become a success immediately.

But this is a challenge.  It takes time, experience and wisdom. Are you sure that your visualized yacht meets your goals and the purpose why you want a Superyacht and what kind of?

You and our Boutique Company

Working with a boutique company offers alternatives for clients who are looking for something different like exclusivity, than a large-firm experience.

We offer more personalized services and tailor our offerings to the needs of our clients. In fact, this ability to provide individualized service leads to higher qualitative results.

You are unique, so we first talk about You, your family, friends, your lifestyle, maritime bucket list, specific requirements, what, when, where and how you would like to cruise before we discuss the yacht.  

Getting to know you better is essential in order to select the right yacht that suites you.

Your assignment to us requires a specialized and personalized high value service. That’s why we only take maximum 3 clients at a time.

We take care and are 24/7 available for You.

Why buying a superyacht at all?

“Superyachting” is the ultimate freedom for you, your family and friends. Go anywhere and when-ever. See the world, specific locations, explore islands, enjoy the quietness of nature, shopping in picturesque villages or the nightlife around marinas.

Showing your (grand) children history of life and  the underwater world. While always having your luxury superyacht, your villa on the water, with you. Every day is the most wonderful day of your life.

  New Family Yacht Moonen 37m, delivery 2025

What is the purpose of possessing a superyacht? What is your dream you want to fulfill or what kind of lifestyle are you really looking for? Answers are results of the interview we first start with. Your Superyacht could be a new construction or a pre-owned one.


Order a new Dutch Superyacht. Since we are located in The Netherlands we of course personally know all major Dutch yards as (Feadship) Royal van Lent, Royal De Vries, Royal Huisman, Oceanco, Amels, Damen, Hakvoort, Moonen, Heesen, Vitters, etc.

We will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right naval architect, shipyard, making arrange-ments with the management and guide you through all steps of a new build ship.

Pre-owned Superyachts.
Superyachts Europe stands up for the buyer’s interests and mediates in all pre-owned Superyachts of almost all major yacht brokers in Europe and beyond. See SALES.

Worldwide there are for sale over 5.000 Superyachts (Yachts above 24 meters) of which are over 3.000 Superyachts in Europe.

“Can't see no longer the sea for the many yachts for sale?”.
We assist and accompany you professionally in order to select the right yacht for you.

Customers no longer need to visit multiple yacht brokers or yards in different countries. This is time consuming, expensive and tiring. 


How do you choose the right Superyacht?
Our goal is a clear and precise Superyacht Definition, Search, Select & Purchase. We professionally guide the prospect Buyer through all comprehensive phases and procedures by selecting the right Superyacht for the right quality and price.

We apply our Nr.1 proven system 
Management Methodology Y E S 
to make your ultimate choice. 

See YES-Search.

A major advantage of our services is that we guarantee 100% non-disclosure of the identity of the client.

Get your SUPERYACHT ADVISOR to make your best ever choice.

By applying our Y E S Methodology we can save you absolutely hundreds of thousands or even millions of euros when buying a pre-owned superyacht. 


We don't sell what we offer you, but what you want.
High client’s expectations require excellent personal services through sincere communication with guaranteed high-quality solutions. 

Buying a yacht is knowing exactly what you want, where and how you want to cruise, for how long and with how many guests. Out of the thousands of yachts available it is not easy to select the right one, with the right quality at the right price. One of these could be the exclusively yours.


Our Legal department is experienced in taking the rights steps to register the yacht in any country you prefer, because each flag has disadvantages and advantages, following specific fiscal requirements for the owner, captain and crew. 

Selling your yacht could also be marketed under the radar on a "silent sale" basis without publicity or in most cases using our open marketing strategies.  


Superyachts Europe is the key to stress-free yachting. Whether you are buying or selling your yacht, we take care of every detail of a yacht’s operation; the yacht, ownership and registration.


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