Every smart Superyacht Buyer uses

                 a Buyers Broker

Why is a Buyers Yacht broker necessary?

A Buyers Yacht broker is necessary for several reasons. Firstly, they have extensive knowledge and expertise in the yacht market, which allows them to provide valuable insights and guidance to buyers. They can help navigate the complex process of purchasing a yacht, ensuring that buyers make informed decisions.

Additionally, Buyers Yacht brokers have access to a wide network of yacht listings and industry contacts. This enables them to find suitable yachts that meet the specific requirements and preferences of buyers. They can save buyers time and effort by conducting thorough research and presenting them with a curated selection of options.

Furthermore, Buyers Yacht brokers will assist with negotiations and contracts, ensuring that buyers get the best possible deal. They have experience in assessing the fair market value of yachts and can help buyers negotiate favorable terms and conditions.

Overall, a Buyers Yacht broker is necessary to provide expertise, access to listings, and assistance throughout the buying process. They can help buyers make well-informed decisions, save time, and ensure a smooth and successful yacht purchase.



Buying a yacht is a life changing experience. By performing correctly, it is a pleasant journey you’ll always remember. Get to know what you have to do, making a plan based on your visualized yacht with all steps from the search, selection, purchase till the delivery.

Avoid troubles, it concerns the quality of your new investment which normally is of high value. See the Benefits of using a Buyers Broker listed here.

Therefore Superyachts Europe has developed Y E S (Yacht Europe System) Methodology, a Project Management tool, consisting of 8 Phases including  questions, activities to be performed, decisions to be made, checklists, etc., that produces qualitative good results and can certainly save you hundreds of thousands of Euro’s.

It is your great advantage to have us standing next  to you, professionally caring about your interests.


                                                                      Heesen  55m

Above all our commission is free for the Buyer
and is honored by the Sellers Broker who has to split its commission in accor-dance with the relevant rules for International Yacht Brokers.

Important hereby is that the Buyers Broker have to make first contact to the Sellers Broker on your behalf. 

What does a Buyers Broker do

Before buying a yacht it first requires the search for this yacht. But the very first step at all is to have analysed your selection criteria and narrowing the specifications. This saves not only time but also a false selection.

But this is a challenge. It takes time, experience and wisdom. Are you sure that your visualized yacht meets your goals and the purpose why you want a Superyacht and what kind of?
See Y E S.

During the Search Phase important aspects are carefully studied as the quality / price ratio with regard to builder, model, year, quality, machinery, equipment, maintenance, refits, length, tonnage, layout, number of state-rooms, available budget, etc. The result is a short list of 10 suitable yachts.

Even if you think you know precisely what or which yacht you want, Buyers Brokers evaluate your purpose, bucket list, requirements, wishes of your visualized yacht. And to be sure you will be showed a range of similar vessels out of their databases. There may be yachts you were unaware of.

Via a TOP 3 selection, based on full documentation, analyzing quality, condition and refit lists, your right yacht will be selected. Then the real brokerage work starts. Please remind that:

                     The Sellers Broker works for the Seller only, no one else.

                      The Buyers Broker works for the Buyer only, no one else.

                    The Broker working for the Seller and Buyer has a conflict of interest!

Superyachts Europe is a Buyers Broker.

Primarily, Selling brokers want to sell their yachts in stock, whether the yacht is the perfect fit for you or not. Your Buyers Broker speaks their yachting language and will always defend your interests.


An asking price is not a selling price. The Selling Broker has to get the best possible price out of the deal for the Seller and will never tell you his minimum sales price. Furthermore, you decide what you want to pay for the yacht.

The Buyers Broker’s task is to achieve the best purchase price for you. We receive daily new yachts on the international market, the ones that are sold and have access to a multiple listing service knowing asking prices for the make, model and year.

Since the purchase / selling price has been agreed on, the Contract can be made including conditions as survey and results, finance, surety payment to the escrow account and delivery. Buyers Broker arranges the Sea trial, Survey and makes an appointment with a Marina for lifting the yacht. Please take care that the costs of the refits to be carried out normally are for the account of the Buyer. 


Gianetti 38m

The refit costs for substantial or hidden defects are for the Seller. Both could influence the purchase price in accordance to what is laid down in the purchase / selling contract.

During this period our lawyers and TAX specialists assist you in choosing the right registration for your yacht in which country with Flag, Tax, VAT procedures, Crew pay rolling, Charter activities, Banking, etc. After financials have been transferred and Bill of Sale has been signed your yacht can be delivered.


You own your perfect visualized Superyacht now that meets your needs, that it is technically in order, with correct documents, you paid the best price and beyond this the ownership of a Superyacht becomes a super experience.

Evaluating yachts in terms of its suitability for a specific goal, commercial environment, sus-tainability or just for private leisure, requires extensive yachting experience. This article high-lights just a few topics; the total checklist of Y E S counts 180 items.

See for complete list of Benefits using a Buyers Broker here.

Superyachts Europe are experienced yacht owners, consultants, brokers and within our group  related to yards, marinas, professional captains, crew agencies, surveyors, constructors, craftsmen, fiscal experts, accountants, lawyers and family offices.

Superyachts Europe is the independent "Boutique Superyacht Consultancy", with the highest level of quality services , standing up for the buyer’s interests. We advise  and guide Buyers through the whole process of acquiring a pre-owned or a new build Superyacht, mainly in the range of 25 to 100 meters.